Our Mission
Join us for a holiday that will make you love English and England!

Welcome to English Camp World. In the summer of 2018 we’re offering 10 – 17 year olds (juniors) and 18 – 30 year olds (young adults) from around the world the opportunity to take part in an extraordinary new holiday camp program in England.

English Camp World is the perfect combination of holidays and learning. It doesn’t matter whether your mother tongue is Spanish, French, German, Russian or any other language, at English Camp World you will spend your holiday immersed completely in the English language.

The English Camp World program includes interactive and motivating English classes, and a wide selection of exciting excursions, sports, creative activities and entertainment.

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Video: Images from English Camp World summer camp 2017

Video: Students speak about their experiences at English Camp World

“My English has improved a lot and now I feel more confident to speak.”

“Мой английский намного улучшился. и теперь я увереннее себя чувствую, когда говорю.”

Gleb from Belarus
(Глеб из Белоруссии)

I definitely want to go back to English Camp World next year!

“Ich will auf jeden Fall nächstes Jahr wieder zum English Camp World!

Zina from Germany
(Zina aus Deutschland)

“I really loved all of the excursions and I did so many cool new things like Go-Karting and Canoeing.”

“A mí me encantaron todas las excursiones, y también hice cosas muy divertidas como ir a los Go-Karts y andar en canoa.”

Yana from Belarus
(Yana de Bielorussia)

My English has improved a lot and now I feel more confident to speak.”

Il mio inglese è molto migliorato ed ora ho più padronanza nel parlarlo.”

Gleb from Belarus
(Gleb, dalla Bielorussia)

The programme was really great and the Camp Guides were good teachers and very easy-going.

“Le programme était vraiment grandiose et les animateurs étaient très à l’aise et de bons profs.”

Krasin from Bulgaria
(Krasin de Bulgarie)

I made many new friends from different countries and we’re still in touch after the camp.”

“Zaprzyjaźniłem się z wieloma osobami z różnych krajów i nadal pozostajemy w kontakcie.”

Antoni from Poland
(Antoni z Polski)