At English Camp World you can look forward to exciting evening programs, every day, usually from 8.00pm – 9.30pm.

Our formula is:

Education + Entertainment =


EduTainment !

You will definitely have a lot of fun during these activities but also learn new things about England, other countries and cultures, sports, games and much more!

Here is an overview of our popular evening programs

Scavenger Hunt – you will work in a team to gather information, collect things, find out things about the camp and fulfil unusual challenges. It’s a great way to get to know new friends and discover your new home at camp. Which team will be the fastest to complete all the tasks?


Las Vegas Casino – enter into a world of high rollers and learn how to play classic casino games such as roulette, black jack, bingo or Texas hold ‘em poker. Try to beat the bank and finish with the most chips!


Mardi Gras Carnival Night – this is an evening of carnival fun, with masks, food, music, colour and games in the spirit of the Mardi Gras festival in New Orleans. Create a Mardi Gras mask, taste carnival cupcakes and don a top hat as you dance to the swinging rhythms of southern music.


Hawaii Night – Kick off the evening with a delicious tropical “Mocktail” at our Tiki bar and eat delicious Hawaiian style BBQ. Then try your hand at some aboriginal artwork or create your own mask. Try on a straw hula skirt and flowery Lei and dance to the cool rhythms and riffs of traditional Pacific guitar music. An evening full of music, funny games and laughter guaranteed.


Hollywood Theme Night - Lights, camera, action! Step onto the red carpet and enjoy a night in our purpose-built College theatre. Become a star of your own drama skit with costumes, hair and make up. Who will make it to the Hollywood hall of fame and win an Oscar?!

“Ye Olde Sweet Shoppe” Evening – learn how to make traditional hand made sweets in this fun and tasty evening workshop. With a large variety of different ingredients you can make an assortment of sweets, such as chocolate truffles, peppermint creams, flapjacks, marzipan bites and cornflake slabs. Afterwards enjoy tasting your creations or make a gift box to take home for your family.

Mexico Night – learn about the culture and traditions of this Latin-American country, with its Mariachi music and dancing games. Taste the flavours of a fruit cocktail and nachos with salsa. Try your hand at Mexican artwork, make a dream catcher and try to hit and break the piñata.

Great British Bake Off  - learn how to create and decorate beautiful and fancy cupcakes and deserts – a competition that combines creativity and dexterity.  In the British tradition of tea drinking, design and decorate your own teacup to take home.

Movie Night – watch a fun movie in English and relax with a bag of popcorn and your camp friends.

Quiz Night – in teams test your general knowledge and things you’ve learned at the camp. We’ll ask you many questions from popular themes such as sports, music, geography, food and England.

French Night - This evening is all about France and French culture. Learn how to paint with oils on canvas like a famous artist. Try your hand at Matisse collages with paper cuttings. Taste delicious crepes with Nutella or sugar and lemon juice, listen to French chansons and learn how to play French games, such as Boules and French Dice.

Wellness Evening – we will show you new and cool ways to chill out, for example with organic face masks, foot spa, guided meditation, cleansing and calming facial massages, mindful artwork, calming music and the ever-popular chocolate fountain.


Horse Race Night – this evening program is all about the Queen of England’s favourite English sport: Horse Racing! Study the horses and learn how to understand the odds and betting. Then place a bet and cheer on your horse to the finish line.


Treasure Hunt – solve some tricky clues that will make you think and go in search of hidden treasure. Will you be the one to find the treasure box at the end of the rainbow?


Union Jack Party – Keep calm and party! You are invited to an evening of red, white and blue. Enjoy the best British treats including Bakewell tart, Victoria sponge cake, pork pies and sausage rolls. Take part in fun British games and get crafty with London themed art. 

Talent Show & Disco – what are your talents? Can you sing well or are you a cool rapper? Are you good at telling jokes? Can you do acrobatics or play a musical instrument? Or are you good at dancing or drama? Everyone has hidden talents. Before this evening program you will have time to prepare your performance, in groups with your friends or individually if you are more daring. We will end the program with a cool neon disco!

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