Frequently Asked Questions



1. How do I book a space for my child at the camp?


Simply fill out our online registration form! It's easy and takes just two minutes.

2. What happens after I have booked a camp my child?

Firstly, you will receive an Email with a confirmation/invoice, stating the dates of the camp you have booked with payment details.


In a separate Email, we will send you a link to our Student’s Information Form. This form contains essential information for our camp team, for example: your child’s flight details, dietary needs, allergies and more. We need this information in order to make sure we can look after your child’s needs, health and safety in the best possible way.


3. What should my child bring to camp?

Here is a checklist of things to bring:

  • Clothes suitable for summer and warm weather

  • Something warm to wear in the evenings if it gets cold

  • A rain jacket

  • Good walking shoes for excursions

  • Clothes and shoes for sports

  • Swimming trunks or costume and swimming caps, if required

  • A towel for swimming

  • A towel for showering

  • Toiletries including soap or shower gel, shampoo, deodorant

  • A toothbrush and toothpaste

  • Sun protection lotion

  • Sunglasses

  • Pocket Money (we recommend £50 for the two weeks)

  • Mobile phone and charging cable

  • Adapter for British electrical plugs

  • A refillable water bottle

  • A small backpack or handbag for carrying things during excursions

  • Travel sickness medicine, if required

  • Any other medication, if required


4. What should my child not bring to camp?

  • Expensive items of jewelry

  • Pens or other school materials (we provide these)

  • Weapons of any kind (including knives)


5. When should I book the flights for my child?

We recommend you book the flights as soon as possible after you have received our booking confirmation. Flights are normally less expensive the earlier you book.


Please book flights to and from Birmingham Airport and for the exact arrival and departure dates for the camp you have booked.  Arrival day is always a Sunday and departure day is always a Friday. Many major cities have direct flight connections to Birmingham airport, or there are good connecting flights from some European hub airports such as Frankfurt, Amsterdam or Paris.


Arrival and departure times should be ideally in the morning or afternoon before 5pm, if possible. If you have any problems in finding suitable flights then please contact us and we will be happy to support you.


Transfers from Birmingham airport and back are included in the camp price.


For an extra fee we can also arrange transfers from Manchester Airport (+ €150) or London Heathrow Airport (+ €300) and back.


6. How does the pick up at the airport work?

On arrival, your child will first go through passport control and then collect his or her luggage in the baggage claim area. From there your child will proceed to the exit door into the terminal. We guarantee 100% that a member of our Camp Team will be standing at the arrival gate to meet your child on arrival day, holding a sign with the name of your child. Our Camp Team wear light blue polo shirts and baseball caps with the English Camp World Logo and name badges. On departure day a member of our team will accompany your child back to the airport and help to deal with the check-in formalities for the return flight home.


Approximate journey times to the camp are as follows:


Birmingham airport: 45 minutes

Manchester airport: 2 hours

London-Heathrow airport: 3 ½ hours


7. Who can I contact if I have any questions during the camp?

Our Camp Leader is Mr Günther Bedson. Günther is half English, half German. He has been running holiday camps for children and teenagers in many different countries for over 30 years. In case of emergency, Günther can be reached on his English mobile phone: + 44 752 3297495.


Our Assistant Camp Leader is Günther’s wife, Sonia Bedson. Sonia has been working with children for more than 20 years. She is also our pastoral carer at camp and will support children who fall ill, have injuries or need help with medication.


In addition, we have a team of professional and experienced Camp Guides, who will be giving the English lessons, running activities and accompanying the students on all excursions. Our Camp Guides are all English native speakers. All members of our Camp Team are qualified in advanced first aid.


8. Where exactly is the Camp located?

Our camp location is Tettenhall College, situated in the beautiful village of Tettenhall on the outskirts of Wolverhampton in the West Midlands.


The address of our camp is:


Tettenhall College


Wood Road




9. What is the accommodation like?

At Tettenhall College we have exclusive use of the main boarding house called. The bedrooms are all single or twin rooms. 6 single rooms share 2 showers and a toilet. The twin rooms all have their own ensuite showers and toilets. The rooms have comfortable beds with crisp bed linen, tables and chairs and free WIFI. There is a change of bed linen once a week. Boys and girls are strictly separated in the bedrooms. Our camp staff also live in the same boarding house and are available for the children at all times in case of emergency. In our camp house there is also a comfortable common room with couches, TV, board games, a pool billiards table and table football. There is also a large kitchen where we can make tea, coffee and prepare snacks between meals or even cook and bake.

10. Can my child share a room with a friend?

Yes. If your child would like to share a room with a friend, please inform us in the Online Students Information Form.


11. How will my child make friends at the camp?

Most of the students who visit our camp arrive without friends, but leave with many! Our Camp Team is very experienced in making sure all of the students get to know each other quickly, interact a lot and no one is lonely.


12. What are the Camp Rules?

The Camp Rules are an integral part of camp life and ensure that the camp runs smoothly, everyone is safe and the students are treated equally and fairly. Please read these rules together with your child and explain how important it is when living and learning in a group to follow certain rules in the interests of everyone. On the first day of camp the Camp Rules are explained to all of the students and they are hung up on the students’ noticeboard for future reference:


The Camp Rules are:

• All students must show respect towards each other, the camp staff and the camp college staff and their property.

• Students must not take part in physical or verbal bullying and show tolerance towards those of different cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs, gender, race or physical and mental abilities.

• Students must be punctual for all activities, including English classes, mealtimes, activities, excursions and bedtime.

• Mobile phones and other electronic devices may only be used at specific times during the camp and never after bedtime.

• Boys are not allowed in the girls’ rooms and vice-versa at any time.

• Students are not permitted to smoke or drink alcohol during the camp.

• Students may only leave the camp (for example to go shopping in the local village or during excursions) in groups of at least 3 and only after informing a member of the camp team

13. Is it safe at the Camp?

Yes. Tettenhall is a quiet and friendly village. It is a tranquil and beautiful place. The college grounds are large enough for the children to explore, but without getting lost. Our Camp Team checks to make sure all of our students are present for program and meal times and we check to make sure all of the children are in their rooms at bedtime.


14. Where can my child keep documents and pocket money safe?

On arrival day we will take your child’s passport, airline tickets, health insurance documents and any other important papers and lock these away safely for the duration of the camp. We will return all documents on departure day.


We recommend that your child bring some pocket money, for example to buy postcards or souvenirs. As all food, drinks and entrance fees for the excursions and activities are included in the camp price, we think your child will not need more than £50 pocket money for a two week camp stay.


15. What happens if my child gets sick or has an accident during the camp?

If your child has any health issues or needs to take medication please inform us in the Online Students Information Form. Our Assistant Camp Leader will be happy to remind and support your child in taking any medication. In the event of sickness or accidents, we will take your child to see a doctor or to hospital. We will inform you as soon as possible.


Important note: EU Nationals and participants from Switzerland must apply for and bring an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), in order for the costs of doctors’ consultation fees and treatments for injuries to be covered by the British NHS (National Health Services).


Non EU Nationals must acquire health insurance for the duration of the camp.


16. What is the food like at camp and do you cater for special dietary needs?

Our Camp college offers a wide variety of British and international food. All meals are buffet style and there is a big choice of different dishes. If your child is a vegetarian or has special dietary needs please inform us in the Online Students Information Form. Drinks will be available to the children at all times, including water, juices and tea.


17. What happens on arrival day at camp?

Once your child has settled in, we will have an introductory meeting with the whole camp. The students will get to know the camp team and we will play some fun, “get-to-know-you” games to break the ice and make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed. We will also explain the camp rules and then take a tour of the whole campus, so the students can get an overview of the facilities.


18. What is the daily schedule at the camp?

This is the schedule of a typical day at English Camp World:

07.45     Wake Up

08.00     Breakfast

09.00     English Lessons

10.30     Break

11.00     English Lessons

12.30     Lunch and Break

14.00     Excursion or Activities at camp

18.00     Dinner and Break

20.00     Evening Program

21.30     End of Program

22.00     Bedtime


19. When can I call my child during the camp?

If you wish to call your child during the camp we request that you do so only during break times and never after bedtime. The best time to call is after dinner before the evening programme, so between 18.30 – 20.00 UK time. If your child suffers from homesickness we recommend that you avoid contacting your child every day as this often heightens the problem. If your child does not contact you during the camp it is generally because he or she is busy and having a great time! In emergencies please call our Camp Leader.


20. What is the program schedule for the two weeks at the camp?

This is a typical camp schedule.

Day                   Morning                     Afternoon                                           Evening

Sunday              Arrival Day                Arrival Day                                         Scavenger Hunt

Monday             English Lessons       T-Shirt Styling & Pool Party                 Hawaii Night

Tuesday            English Lessons        Stand Up Paddling & Aquapark .      Casino Night

Wednesday       Zoo & Funfair            Zoo & Funfair                                     Movie Night               

Thursday           English lessons        Indoor Skydiving & Snorkeling            Wellness Evening

Friday                English lessons        Go Ape High Ropes Adventure          Mardi Gras Carnival

Saturday            English lessons        Animal Man & Cricket                         Union Jack Night                 

Sunday              London Excursion    London Excursion                               London Excursion

Monday             English lessons        Go-Karting                                          Sweet Making Workshop

Tuesday            English lessons         Snowdome & Bowling                         Horse Race Night

Wednesday       Excursion to Bath     Excursion to Bath                               Quiz Night

Thursday           English lessons         Wacky Olympics                                Talent Show & Disco

Friday                Departure Day

Please note: Excursions and evening programs vary from camp to camp.

21. If my child stays 4 at camp will there be enough variety?

Yes. Students who stay 4 weeks at camp will experience different excursions and evening programs during the second 2-week camp segment and will also cover different topics in their English classes.


22. How are the students grouped into classes for the English lessons?

English lessons will begin on the first full day of camp. Initially we give all of the students an oral and written test, in order to find out the students’ skills and knowledge of the English language. This is done in a relaxed way, in order to encourage the students to produce as much English as they can.


23. How many students are there in each class?

After the testing, the students are split into groups of 8 – 15 students with similar linguistic abilities.


24. How do the English lessons at camp differ from school?

Our English curriculum is fun, engaging and revolves around themes that interest and are relevant to children and teenagers. The lessons take place entirely in English and the emphasis is on speaking. Grammatical structures are practised in authentic contexts, through

  • role-play

  • dialogues

  • interviews

  • surveys

  • games

  • project work


The students receive folders, paper, pens and all classroom work materials from us. In order to avoid distraction, smartphones and other Internet devices are kept in a box during the camp lessons, unless our Camp Guide specifically requests the students to use them as a tool for an activity or for research. Our classrooms are fully equipped with a laptop for the teaching Camp Guide, whiteboard or flipchart and free, superfast WI-FI.


At the end of the camp each student receives a certificate. The students’ camp folders will include vocabulary lists and anything the students have written or produced during class.


25. What happens if my child has a problem or is unhappy?

If your child is unhappy or has a problem during the camp, please encourage him or her to approach a member of our Camp Team. We will listen carefully and then try to assess the situation. If there is a justifiable complaint, we will take every step possible to make sure this is dealt with swiftly and to your child’s satisfaction. If we feel the complaint is not justified we will take the time to explain to your child why, and show him or her the bigger picture. It is our greatest wish that your child has a fantastic learning experience at ENGLISH CAMP WORLD and we will do everything we can to ensure all students are safe, healthy and happy.


26. What happens on departure day?

On the evening before departure day we ensure all students pack their cases and get prepared for their departure. There is a farewell ceremony and a fun last evening program. On the day of departure we return all of your child’s documents and bring your child back to the airport in time for check-in. We help with the procedures there and once your child has checked in luggage, we accompany him or her as far as the security control and make sure your child knows which gate to look for, in order to catch the right flight.


27. How can I follow the progress of the camp?

On our Facebook page we regularly post interesting photographs about England, English culture and about the camp. In the weeks leading up to the camp our Camp Team also introduce themselves on the Facebook page so you and your child can see who will be there.


During the camp we take many photographs and some short video films of our activities. We post these from time to time on our Facebook page and on Instagram and we encourage all parents to take a look, so that you can follow the progress of your child at the camp.

28. What happens after the camp?

After the camp, we send you a link to our online feedback form, where you can review your child’s experience at ENGLISH CAMP WORLD and offer us any suggestions you might have for future camps.


If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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