Learning By Speaking

Effective English Classes

On the first day of the camp, we conduct placement tests with our students. The test consists of an oral interview and a short written assessment. Our Camp Guides ensure all students feel comfortable about speaking in English during this assessment and feel encouraged to speak as much as possible. The students will then be grouped according to their English skills, in order to create groups of similar levels. Our group sizes are 8 - 15 students. 

Our English classes are a combination of topic-based activities, interactive speaking, role-plays, language-learning games and projects. The main focus is on speaking. Our students practice speaking and grammatical structures in authentic situations. Our curriculum is based on themes that are relevant and interesting to teenagers and adults, for example:


Music – Fashion – Sports – Food – The Environment – Social Media – Animals – Science – Hollywood - Holidays & Travel - Jobs & Careers - Eating out & Etiquette - Victorian England - The British Way of Life

Some examples of projects we do in our classes are:

Design products and advertisements - Make a business plan - Create your own fantasy country - Save the planet - Make a board game - Design the best school in the world - Create a sightseeing tour of a city - Invent hybrid sports with unusual rules

And of course our students also learn a lot about the people, culture and history of London and England.

Our Camp Guides have professional experience in teaching English. They know how to excite and motivate our students to speak English.

On every two week camp our students take part in 8 mornings of English tuition. Each tuition morning is made up of 2 x 90 minute blocks with a half hour break.